diy: card art

Here’s another quick, easy and cheap DIY project. Turn a beautiful card into framed art. This would be a perfect way to preserve and display a beautiful wedding, birthday or baby card. Or, just a beautiful card you found at the store. This could also make a gift (which is what this actually is). Give a beautiful card to someone for their birthday (or anything) and include a frame ready to hold the card.

This particular card was found at a local shop and was handmade in Bangladesh. I think it’s lovely.

What You Need:

A card of you choice

A frame

A piece of paper


What You Do:

Open the frame and cut your paper to fit inside the frame. Use a small piece of tape, rolled, to secure it to the inside back of the frame (like you would put a picture mat… you can use a picture mat if you’d rather, in which case, the card would go behind the mat).

Use another piece of tape, rolled, to center and hold the card in place on top of the paper.

Put your frame back together and hang it or sit it somewhere to be admired!

Quite simple and quick!


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