diy: succulents in a can

Just a quick little diy project for you today!

I love succulents. They’re easy to grow and hard to kill. Perfect for me. I found these succulents at the thrift store awhile ago. Yes, the thrift store. There was a table set up near the door with a bunch of plants for sale. These were 50 cents a piece. I grabbed three. If your thrift store doesn’t sell succulents, you could easily plant your own in an old can.

As soon as I saw them I knew what I wanted to do with them. When I got home, I used my hot glue gun and wrapped each can in twine. And now I have three, charming little potted succulents.

You could do a lot with this. Consider canned succulents as place settings at your next dinner party. Or give one with a card as a simple gift. Getting married soon? Talk about inexpensive, charming favors that could do double duty as decorations. I love succulents!


2 thoughts on “diy: succulents in a can

  1. Thank you. I am always looking for something unique to gift to family and friends and making them myself makes it even more special.

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