Gabe’s bedroom makeover

The story of how we came to call this house our home is pretty wild. I’ll save the whole story for another day, but to say it was a whirlwind is an understatement. I found the house while I was yard sale-ing one morning in August (2011), the next day I brought Tristan by to see it, and several weeks later we were moving in.

The house had lots of potential, but everyone who saw it initially thought I was out of my mind. I’m not surprised. Looking back at pictures, I guess I was blinded by that potential… and the beautiful hardwood floors.

Gabe’s room was the first space I wanted to work on. He was not quite two years old and I wasn’t sure how he’d do with the move. I wanted to make his bedroom as homey as possible as quickly as possible, to hopefully help with his transition. It turned out that he loved his new home right away and didn’t have any trouble making the transition.

I got brave when I picked the paint color. I wanted a deep peacock blue. I was hesitant to use such a deep, rich color in a small room, but I decided to go for it. I used the same color Young House Love used in their guest room. It’s Plumage by Martha Stewart. I had it color matched in Behr paint and used an eggshell finish. Since I was covering a pale yellow, I used a tinted primer.

Enough of the chatting… I should just share pictures…

This is a picture of Gabe’s room before. Dirty walls, covered in smeared marker. But don’t you see the potential?! The door is on the far right.

And then there’s the big patch where the paint/drywall had been picked away. But look at those beautiful hardwood floors!

The chair: I found it in the free section of Craig’s List. I gave it a coat of orange paint (leftover from another project), got new foam for the seat and recovered it in a tan and white searsucker-ish fabric (that you can’t really see from the picture) and wrapped the legs and arms in twine. The pillow was a yard scale find for $2.

The curtains: Panels of white burlap. When it’s time to sleep, I have black felt curtain panels that hang against the window using a tension rod. They block out a lot of light. I also sewed a couple triangle fabric garlands to hang across each window.

The alphabet: I found the wood in our outbuilding. I used white paint (also leftover from another project) to paint the alphabet. Then I screwed it into the wall.

The dresser: It’s one of the dressers from my room as a child. For Gabe’s room, I refinished it in white paint. Then I took dowel rods to replace the knobs. I cut them all to size, then screwed them in from the back of the drawer front. I gave the drawer fronts another coat of white paint once the dowels were attached.

The clouds: There are two hanging over his crib. I found them in the outbuilding when we moved in. I painted them white and screwed them into studs.

The bench: It’s from our wedding. We sat on it and prayed during our ceremony. It now lives in Gabe’s room.

The quilt: It was a gift from my Mom at my baby shower. It’s been handed down several generations and now Gabe has it.

The picture: I’ve been carrying it around for quite a while. I spray painted the frame a mint green and screwed it directly into the wall.

The changing table: It was also a gift from my Mom at my baby shower. My parents got the dry sink before I was born and had it refinished. It was used as my changing table and then it also held a bunch of my Mom’s potted plants inside. It’s been handed down to us. I cherish it. It’s beautiful!

The rocking horse: Gabe named it ‘Pony’. I found it at a yard sale for $5. It was already white, but a little beat up. I gave it a fresh coat of white paint. Gabe loves it and goes crazy riding it.

I have twinkle lights hanging along the ceiling of one wall. When Gabe goes into a big bed, I’ll move them so they don’t just hang down like that.

One last picture to show the two clouds above his bed.

I still have a couple little projects I want to do in his room and I’d to take a couple more (better) pictures. But I’m quite pleased with the transformation from dirty, yellow, marker-covered walls!


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