diy: hanging light

I shared Gabe’s room yesterday and mentioned (at least I think I did) that there were a couple other projects I had in mind. This morning I did one! I was motivated by the First Friday event downtown tonight. Last month I had my wreaths featured at The Lady Jane shop. Tonight, The Lady Jane is hosting “Pinteristables- An Evening of DIY Sharing’ where I’ll be sharing some of my DIY projects. You should come by and check out all the tutorials!

diy: hanging light

See the charming light hanging above Gabe’s dresser. I made it this morning in about an hour. All you need is an embroidery hoop (or something round and similar for the ‘frame’), lots of strips of fabric, sturdy string, a light cord and twine!

I looped the fabric strips all around the hoop until it’s completely covered. Then I hung it from a hook in the ceiling using three strands of heavy duty string looped around the hoop. It took some trial and error to get it to hang evenly. Next, I wrapped the light cord in twine. You don’t have to do this, but I wasn’t fond of the white cord hanging in open view. Wrapping it in twine just made it prettier. I only wrapped as much cord as would be seen. I hung the bulb so it’s hidden by the fabric and hung the (twine wrapped) cord on the same hook in the ceiling. Wa-la!

Once it was all hung up, I gave it a little haircut to make the fabric strips evenly uneven.

See how much nicer the cord looks wrapped in twine?!

This is a good way to use up some fabric scraps (though it does take a bit of fabric, so you’ll need a lot of scraps). You could do different sizes depending on the size hoop you use. A hula hoop would make a really big light.

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One thought on “diy: hanging light

  1. SO I was planning on making one very similar to this for Claire’s nursery! I was going to use an old lamp shade, take off the actual shade, using only the metal frame. Spray paint the metal frame and hang fabric scraps off of that. I don’t know if I will actually put a light in it, it might just be more like a mobile/fake chandelier over my rocking chair. Now that I see yours, I am definitely inspired to make mine!! :)

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