diy rope magnet

Here’a s quick little diy project for you to kick off your Tuesday!

Gather your supplies:


A roll of magnets

Hot Glue


Get started:

Decide how long you want your magnet to be. I’ve made them varying lengths. The longer it is, the stronger it is.

Cut your magnet to the desired length. Then cut 3 pieces of rope slightly longer than the magnet. (You want the rope to fully cover the magnet). I should mention that the width of your magnet and size of your rope may vary from mine. It may take more or less strips of your rope to cover your magnet.

If your magnet had a sticky side, like mine did, peel off the back. Then glue your rope to the sticky side and you’re done!

(If your rope starts to unravel, which it might, just use some hot glue to hold it all together).



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