part 1: nursery to big boy room

I’m baaaa-aaack! Happy New Year, everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I can’t believe it’s already a couple weeks into 2013. Crazy! It’s been quite some time since I’ve written here. I could give a list of excuses, but nobody wants to read that, so I’ll just jump right in!

Gabriel got a big boy bed for his birthday, compliments of BadaBoom. (Who/what is BadaBoom, you may ask? Well, my parents, of course. You see, back when we told them I was pregnant, after they picked their jaws up off the floor (SURPRISE!), my Dad had fun joking about what they could be called. The joke stuck and ever since they’ve been known, very lovingly, as Bada (my Mom) and Boom (my Dad). Yes, it sounds just as awesome as you might imagine, to hear a little 3 year old voice talk about his “Bada n’ Boom”!

Anyway, back to the big boy bed. I’ve always had a fondness for Jenny Lind style beds. Also known as spool beds. Also known as spindle beds. Also quite expensive.



As a side note, see that poof beside the bed? It’s at Target for $50. Cute poof, right? Not such a cute price. A couple months ago I wandered into Goodwill. Apparently our local Target had just donated a bunch of new items to this particular Goodwill (probably to clear out inventory for newer stuff). Well, bless the volunteer who was setting out the new Target stuff, because when I spotted her pushing that poof out of the back room, I raced as calmly as I could across the store, which probably wasn’t calm at all, to giddily ask, “is THAT for sale? NO WAY! Can I have it?!” When I lifted the price tag to see $3.95, I couldn’t contain my excitement and might have done some sort of first pumping yes. I hugged the thing the whole way to the register, beaming with pride at my new find. I love the story of my poof. And if you ever come over and comment on it, I’ll probably tell it to you again.

Anyway, the bed beside the poof is a Jenny Lind bed. Aka spool bed. Aka spindle bed. And in my experience, hard to find, at least at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Well, my Mom is pretty awesome (for more reasons than what I’m about to tell you). She knew this was the kind of ‘big boy bed’ I envisioned in Gabriel’s room. So she went around to different consignment and antique shops and found a Jenny Lind bed for Gabe. For $80. Solid wood. Antique. The shop had just gotten it in. It wasn’t even priced yet. It came with rails and everything. Perfect! It’s slightly different than the bed pictured above, but in a good way.

Last weekend, BadaBoom delivered this new bed to a very excited little boy (and his mother). The wood had a very red tint to it. We considered stripping and refinishing it, but decided to try Annie Sloan chalk paint instead. My Mom picked up a quart of in French Linen (a lovely taupe-y gray) and clear wax.

Gabriel’s been sleeping in his big boy bed, so the painting has been a slow process. It would’ve been smarter to paint the bed before it was set up, but there was too much excitement to wait. So, I’ve been dragging the mattress off the bed and painting in little spurts during the day. Not the best way to refinish a bed, but it’s working!

Anyway, I’m in the process of finishing his bed and turning his nursery into a big boy room. I’ll be sharing the process here. I found a dresser on for $20. It’s a bit more mid century modern than I normally go, so I may clean it up and try to sell it, or see how it works in the room. I’m undecided. In the meantime, I thought I’d share some kids rooms that I think are awesome!

*update- I’ve decided to keep the dresser and have since painted it white. It’s the perfect size for this small room*



Not a big boy room, but I like the dark walls, the rug and the crib. It’s a sophisticated nursery!


source unknown

Still not a big boy room, but I like the red dresser.



This is one of my favorites. I love the map, the yellow armoire, the bunting, the black light. I think it’s probably for a little girl, but could easily be made for a little boy!



I just love this cheery crib. The crib we have has similar lines, and makes me think I might refinish it before it’s used again (whenever that is). I also love the chair and the plants. Make sure the plants aren’t poisonous and probably out of the reach of little hands!



I’m drawn to that mustardy/golden/yellow color. What a fun lamp. I also like the rug and the quilt on the bed. A fun, eclectic room.



The chalkboard circle is fun.


source unknown

I like the splash of kelly green!



Another fun, eclectic kids room, with nice splashes of color while still feeling calming and pulled together.



Gabriel’s room is painted a dark, deep blue. While I usually like white walls, I also like dark ones. Like this. Something soothing and calming about a dark room. But good natural light is a must. I love the yellow step stool, too. We have the same one, except it’s black.

I’ve found that I’m drawn to eclectic kids room, with splashes of color, while still feeling calm and pulled together… and I love that mustardy/yellow/gold color!

So begins the journey of turning Gabriel’s nursery into a big boy room! I’ll be back with some diy projects, before and afters and updates along the way! Now if only I can find the cord to upload pictures from my camera to the computer…

Have a wonderful Monday!


2 thoughts on “part 1: nursery to big boy room

  1. Aaaah I am with you, girl. I love that yellow! Claire’s room was supposed to be that yellow with gray, but it turned out mostly gray and I am looking for that splash of color. That stool would be perfect!

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