part 1.5: our bedroom makeover

I have a camera cord! No more phone pictures! We’re calling this part 1.5 of the bedroom makeover, because it’s really just a little peak….



The biggest change I’ve made in our room today involves paint. And you can see it ever so faintly at the bottom of this picture, just right of center. Notice a little line? Our bed was pushed up against one big, long, blank wall. The room doesn’t have much architectural detail. It’s basically just a rectangle. And the bed, even with our neat little DIY pallet board headboard, looked lonely and lost pushed up against the wall. Kind of boring. Since I want the room to feel calming, I went for something subtle that I hoped would make it look more intentional. And I have to say, I’m quite pleased with the results! (Best part.. it cost $0. Hooray for leftover paint!)



Maybe you see the line a little better in shot above?


My nightstand. An old crate.


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