part 1: our bedroom makeover

So I got to thinking- why should my 3 year old’s room get all the love?! As his room started coming together, I started liking it more and more than our room. You might remember this post, where I changed out our bifold closet doors for curtains. And maybe you remember this post, where I gave Tristan’s dresser a little facelift.




Here’s a picture of the dresser and the curtains on the closet. This is the only wall in our room that I’ve shared. That’s because the other parts are, well, just eh. I haven’t given them much attention and they never seem to ‘work’.

Yesterday I started our little bedroom overhaul. I took every. single. thing. out of our closets and piled it all on the bed. It was a mountain of mess. I painted each closet (which had been a grungy yellow) with leftover white paint. That alone made a big difference.

Then I sorted through every last item that had been shoved in each closet. When I get in a ‘purging’ mood, don’t get in my way! We filed a large box with clothes to give away and an even bigger trash bag with, well, just trash.

Even though the room was still pulled apart, it started to feel better.

Getting organized makes a big difference! It’s a good start!


This was taken on the my phone, mid process, in horrible lighting. Oh, how I wish I had taken before shots. And how I also wish I could find the cord to upload pictures from my good camera to my computer!

So organizing our closets was a start. A good start. But there’s much more to do to make our room feel intentional, calming and pulled together.

Check back soon for more bedroom makeover progress… and the headboard we made from pallet wood!


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