diy: stamped paper

It may be odd to write about wrapping paper in January, but surely December isn’t the only time gifts are given. Maybe there’s an upcoming birthday, or a new baby, or any other kind of celebration (or no celebration at all… sometimes ‘just because’ is the best reason)! If there’s a gift that needs wrapping, here’s a fun, simple and quick way to dress it up. I have an affinity for fun wrapping!


you need:

craft paint (in any color(s).. I used white)

brown wrapping paper (I get mine at the dollar store. Walmart also sells some. It’s called packaging paper. It’s thicker and more expensive). Or you could recycle a brown paper bag.

A regular, old fashioned, non-mechinical pencil, with an unused eraser.

Tape (to wrap the gift, of course)


(I used my 3 year old’s paint and a pencil he got while trick or treating)

what you do:

1. Wrap the gift just like you normally would. Nothing fancy here!

2. Dip the eraser end of the pencil into the paint. Just enough to cover the end. No dripping messes.

3. Lightly tap the paper. It’s best not to push too hard. Just a gentle tap. But really, it’s not rocket science, so whatever method gives you the best dot!

4. Re-dip the eraser as needed, and keep stamping the paper. You can stamp in a pattern. In rows. In clusters. Or in no pattern at all, just randomly, like confetti that fell on the gift!

5. It’s your call whether you stamp the sides of the gift. Sometimes I stamp the sides. I skip the bottom.

6. Set it aside to dry. Wrap some ribbon or yarn around it, if you want. Or leave it simple, as is. And there you go! You’ve just made custom, hand stamped wrapping paper!

(Sometimes the paint gets a little globby. When you’re done, you can carefully dab the dots to dry up any extra paint, if you feel so inclined. Just be careful not to smudge!)

You could also follow these same steps and make your own cards. Or dress up some envelopes. Or journal. Or add a fun touch to any kind of paper. Hey, grab some fabric paint (or don’t, if you’re cheap like me, and just use regular paint) and jazz up some fabric! The possibilities are endless!


Happy stamping!



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